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Maastricht's burgemeester issues emergency ordinance in light of NL riots

Burgemeester Annemarie Penn-te Strake has issued an emergency ordinance for the entire city of Maastricht. The emergency regulation goes into effect tonight and lasts until 7 February. The regulation means that the police have more powers to intervene when the public order threatens to be disturbed. In addition, the burgemeester, in consultation with the police and the Openbare Ministerie, has decided to designate the city as a security risk area, so that police can carry out preventive searches throughout the city.


Burgemeester Penn-te Strake took the decision because of serious indications that disturbances would also take place in Maastricht, as was the case in other cities across the Netherlands in the past few days.

"We will not tolerate this. This has nothing to do with protesting anymore, these are pure rioters who are out to destroy [property] and use violence. In order to protect our city as much as possible from this and to guarantee the safety of our residents and business owners, this emergency ordinance has been issued. Not just for today, but for the coming period. Then we can intervene when we deem it necessary."

The burgemeester has made an urgent appeal to everyone to keep calm.

"Everyone is allowed to express their opinion, no problem at all. However these are not protests, it has nothing to do with an avondklok. These are riots, of which residents, entrepreneurs and cities are the victims. This is really a step too far."

Municipality, police and judiciary are monitoring the signals and are prepared for possible disturbances. No further announcements will be made about the approach.

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