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In commemoration of the Progrom Night 1938, the Gesellschaft für zeitgenössische Musik (Contemporary Music Society) held a concert in #Aachen’s Theater K last night focussing on the role of language during the Third Reich. The musicians performed pieces from composers on the Nazis’ “black list”. Sopranist Catharina Marquet offered a special rendition of influential 19th century composer Arnold Schönberg’s compositions. The event also featured readings from Victor Klemperer’s book “Lingua Tertii Imperii - Notebook of a Philologist”. “National socialism is rooted in fanaticism,” Theater K co-founder and actor Jochen Deuticke read aloud. Klemperer’s novel excerpts detailed how the Nazis consciously used language as a tool to associate such fanaticism with heroism and virtue. The evening concluded with thunderous applause, as every seat in the house had been booked. Source: Aachener Zeitung Photo: Andreas Steindl

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