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The Maastrichtse Componisten Society celebrated the life and musical achievements of Robert Heppener this weekend. The famed composer lived for almost twenty years in #Vijen in #Limburg(NL) with his wife Milly and son Marc, creating innovative masterpieces that will be revered for centuries to come. With 2019 being the ten year anniversary of his death, the Maastrichtse Componisten Society chose to honour Heppener with a plaque at his former abode, and a concert of his works in De Kopermolen. The celebration was opened in Hotel de Linde by Jac van den Boogardand the audience heard personal anecdotes and Heppener poems from Wiel Kusters and heartwarming memories from Marc Heppener. Stunning performances followed in #DeKopermolen by choir studium chorale, pianist Tonie Ehlen and soprano Aylin Sezer, who were all expertly directed by Ed Spanjaard. We have a rich history of breakthrough composition in the #EuregioMeuseRhine, with the #ScholaPalatina being established by Charlemagne in #Aachen at the end of the 6th century, Hendrik van Veldeke from #Hasselt being the first known writer and poet in the Low Countries who wrote in a European language other than Latin, and Charles Radoux-Rogier from #Liège who won the Belgian Prix de Rome in 1907 with his cantata Geneviève de Brabant.

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