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New app for our furry and feathered friends

Is your cat is missing? Did you find a runaway dog in your neighbourhood? The Liège-based non-profit organisation Animal Research developed an app for residents to report or find a lost or injured animal.

The app is intended to be very exhaustive: sharing announcements on social networks, itineraries to the animal's location, contacts lists for veterinarians and shelters nearby, all at your fingertips and in six languages (French, Dutch, English, Italian, Spanish, German) This service is offered free of charge.

Photo: © Animal Research

The founder of the application, Benjamin Luppolo explains:

"I myself had come across a white cat that had just been run over by a car. After contacting the road services and moving him to the side, I wanted to do more. I put myself in the shoes of the people who were looking for their cat by putting up posters for example. I drew up a set of specifications [for the app] and went to see the developers."

Animal Research is counting on sponsors and future donations from users to continue developing the application. For the time being it has received a subsidy of 5,900 euros from the Walloon government.

Céline Tellier, ministre wallonne du Bien-être animal (Walloon Minister for Animal Welfare), declared:

"Animals are essential in these times. We must be responsible towards them and this application offers a concrete initiative."

The application is available on Android and IOS.

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