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New relaxations of corona rules in Aachen

Updated: May 31, 2021

As of Friday 28 May, an amended Coronaschutzverordnung (corona protection ordinance) is in effect. It sets out a clear outlook for the coming weeks, with opening steps at stable seven-day incidences of less than 100 and further opening steps at incidences of 50 or less, or 35 or less. The basic protective measures, such as the maintaining of the distance rules, the obligation to wear masks and the presentation of negative test results, will continue to apply.

As stipulated in the Bundesinfektionsschutzgesetz (federal infection protection act), vaccinated and recovered (immunised) persons are equal to negatively tested persons. Insofar as a maximum number of permissible persons or households is set for gatherings and events, immunised persons are not included. However, the general protective measures, such as the obligation to wear a mask, continue to apply for vaccinated and recovered persons as well.

Subject to a corresponding ordinance by the Land Nordrhein-Westfalen – NRW – the following rules apply in the StädteRegion since Sunday 30 May due to a stable incidene rate of below 100:

Contact restrictions

Gatherings in public spaces are allowed without further limitations for members of two households.


As of Monday 31 May, schools in the StädteRegion will return to continuous and adapted face-to-face teaching if the incidence rate stays below 100.

Day care centres

As of 7 June, day care for children in NRW returns to regular operation hours throughout the state. This means that all children will once again have an unrestricted right to care to the contractually agreed extent.

Extra-curricular education

Face-to-face classes will take place again without limitation by person or content. Indoor classes will still take place with a negative test result. Indoor music lessons including singing/wind instruments are limited to five persons.

Child and youth work

Indoor group offers are possible with up to 10 people, outdoor offers with up to 20 young people without age limit but with a negative test result. Holiday offers and holiday trips are possible with a negative test result.

Cultural sector

Outdoor events are possible with up to 500 people (a seating plan is necessary) and a negative test result. A seating arrangement according to a chequerboard pattern should be in place.

Indoor concerts, the opening of theatres, operas and cinemas are possible with up to 250 persons (seating plan) and a negative test result. A seating arrangement according to a chequerboard pattern should be in place.

Non-professional rehearsals are possible indoors without limitation of persons. Indoors it is possible with up to 20 persons and a negative test result if no singing is taking place and no wind instruments are used.


Non-contact outdoor sports on and off sports facilities is possible with up to 25 people.

Outdoor pools open for sports practice (the lawns for sunbathing stay closed) with a negative test result.

Outdoors, up to 500 spectators with a negative test result are allowed. A seating plan is obligatory. No percentage capacity limit.


Smaller outdoor facilities may open again when visitors show a negative test result: e.g. minigolf courses, climbing parks, high ropes courses.

Outdoor pools are only open for sports practice with a negative test result.

Excursions with boats etc. with outdoor areas are possible with a negative test result.

Close contact services

For visits to the hairdresser, chiropodist and manicure salon, a prior test is no longer required. Tests or proof of vaccination/immunisation are only required if clients do not permanently wear a mask during the treatment. Classic cosmetic facial treatments are still only possible for those who have been vaccinated, tested and recovered.

Tourism and accommodation

"Self-sufficient" overnight stays (holiday flats, camping, camping vans) are possible with a negative test result.

The opening of hotels without capacity limitation is also possible for private overnight stays with breakfast, but without further indoor catering. A negative test result is mandatory.

Bus tours are possible with a negative test result and a capacity limitation of 60 per cent. If all participating people are vaccinated/immunised or if everyone wears a mask, the capacity limitation is not necessary.

Public transport

Masks of standard FFP2, KN95 or N95 must be worn on buses and trains and on platforms, stops and in stations. Surgical/medical masks are no longer permitted.

Trade fairs and markets

Trade fairs and markets are possible with limitations in the amount of people attending and a respective hygiene concept.

Retail trade that does not provide basic supplies

For the previously non-privileged areas of retail (clothing shops, shoe shops, etc.) but also for travel agencies, the appointment booking and contact data collection according to the “click & meet” regulations as well as the testing obligation will be dropped. The person limit in shops is relaxed from the previous one person per 40 sqm to one person per 20 sqm.

Restaurants and cafés

Outdoor gastronomy may reopen from Sunday 30 May for those who have been tested, vaccinated or who have recovered. The test must not be older than 48 hours. Guests must be allocated a fixed place to sit or stand at a counter or table. A minimum distance of 1.5 metres must be maintained between seats/standing places at different tables. This also applies at the same table if strangers are seated there. A face mask must also be worn in the outdoor area; a cloth face mask is sufficient here. The face mask can be temporarily taken off at the sitting/standing place.

Under special conditions, for example in the context of permitted conferences, catering for participants may also take place indoors. In indoor catering areas, guests must wear a medical mask (surgical mask, FFP2 mask).

The guests’ contact details must be recorded and kept for four weeks. Easy traceability must be ensured. Those present must be recorded digitally or in writing with their name, address and telephone number. Digital recording via apps etc. is possible and must be designed in such a way that the competent authorities can compare the recorded data with the persons actually present during on-site inspections. If a person present objects to the recording of his or her data, he or she shall be excluded from the use of the offer, facility or service.

The prohibition to consume food in the area around take-away facilities is omitted.

Which apps can be used for contact tracing?

Technical solutions for contact tracing must ensure that the guests’ names and their seats are recorded. The Luca-app is not connected to the Gesundheitsamt (health department) due to a lack of data security. The (free) use of the MeldeAPP Eifel is recommended by the StädteRegion. No software installation is required for this. All that is needed is to scan a QR code and enter one’s personal contact details.

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