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NL hopes to implement step two of Openingsplan on 19 May

The Netherlands' Premier Mark Rutte and Minister Hugo de Jonge from Ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport gave a press conference in Den Haag this evening where they announced their plans to implement Step Two in the Openingsplan if certain conditions are met by Monday 17 May. This means there will potentially be a number of relaxations to regulations that were enforced to slow the spread of the corona virus in the Netherlands.


"The number of people hospitalised with corona is declining slightly. Meanwhile, more than 6 million vaccinations against corona have been carried out and more and more people are being vaccinated. The government expects that the number of new hospital admissions will now decrease further. Therefore, the Kabinet will take the second step in the opening plan on 19 May.

There is one condition: the number of new ICU and hospital admissions must have further decreased by Monday May 17. This means that there has to be a decrease of about 20 percent compared to the peak at the end of April. If this is not the case, the pause button is pressed. The second step will then be postponed.

It remains important that we avoid crowds and all follow the basic rules, even those who have already been vaccinated: wash hands, keep your distance and stay at home and test if there are any symptoms, and that we get vaccinated as soon as we can.

On 19 May, the following regulations will be released or adjusted, if the figures allow. All other measures remain in place.

Indoor sports

Indoor sports venues, such as gyms and swimming pools, will reopen under conditions. There is a maximum of 30 people per room and everyone must keep a distance of 1.5 metres. Sports may be played individually or with a maximum of two people and a trainer at a distance of 1.5 metres. Larger group classes are not allowed, unless they are for children and young people up to and including 17 years of age. Competitions and spectators are also not allowed. Changing rooms remain closed, except in swimming pools. Reservations and a health check are compulsory. Inside, a person must wear a face mask, but this may be removed during sports.

Outdoor sports in groups

Outdoor sports in groups is possible again, but there are conditions. This is allowed with a maximum of 30 people and everyone has to keep 1.5 metres distance. Competitions and spectators are not allowed. Adults under 27 and children were already allowed to do more outdoors. For example, they are allowed to play sports together outside without keeping a distance of 1.5 metres.

Outdoor recreation

Amusement parks, nature parks, zoos and petting zoos may open under certain conditions. Just like outdoor play locations such as miniature golf, climbing forests and outdoor playgrounds. The rule here is: one person per 10 square metres and visitors must keep a distance of 1.5 metres. Reservations and a health check are compulsory. A reservation is for a maximum of two people, excluding children and people from the same household. The indoor areas on these sites, such as indoor attractions or indoor animal enclosures, remain closed. Toilets, however, are open, as are walking routes through an indoor area, which are necessary to reach part of the outdoor area.

Indoor arts and culture

Indoor locations for arts and cultural activities open up. This means, for example, that someone can again take music, dance and drama lessons. As with sports, this is possible with a maximum of two people plus a teacher. Larger group lessons are not allowed, except for children and young people up to 17 years of age. A maximum of 30 people are allowed in a room. People keep 1.5 metres distance, except when this is not possible for the exercise of the activity. This can be the case for example when dancing. Members of the public are not allowed. Reservation and health check are compulsory. Inside, a person must wear a face mask, but this may be removed if this is necessary for practising or rehearsing.

Art and culture outside

Outdoor locations for performing arts and film screenings are allowed. These include open-air theatres. Here too, conditions apply such as: maximum 30 people and keeping a distance of 1.5 metres. Reservations must be made for a maximum of 2 people. Unless it concerns children or people from the same household. A health check is also compulsory.

Open air museums, sculpture gardens and open air monuments also open again. Here the rule is: 1 person per 10 square metres. Furthermore, the same conditions apply as for the outdoor performing arts venues listed above.

Venues for hire open

Rentals locations for outdoor recreational activities are allowed to open. This means that boats, canoes and bicycles can be rented again.

Terraces open longer

Outdoor terraces may be opened from 06:00 to 20:00. All existing conditions remain valid. Such as a maximum of 50 people on a terrace and a maximum of 2 people at a table 1.5 metres away. Unless these are people from the same household.

Terraces at sports venues may also be opened again. The same rules apply as to other outdoor terraces.

Contact professions

All contact professions are allowed. This means that the last category, the sex workers, are also allowed to open their doors again.

Travel and summer holidays

As of 15 May, travel to countries with a low infection level is possible again. Always check the travel advice on netherlandsworldwide.nl

The safe countries are given the colour code green or yellow on this website. Holiday travel to these countries is then no longer recommended. At this moment, few countries qualify for a green or yellow travel advice as of 15 May. The government hopes that in the run-up to the summer more and more countries will be designated as safe.

Be careful, however, because despite the fact that a country is marked yellow or green, most countries impose restrictions on travellers from the Netherlands, such as a mandatory test or quarantine. Check the travel advice carefully.

In countries with the colour code orange, there are many corona infections. Do not go there on holiday. All non-emergency travel to these countries is advised against.

Travelling via public transport

As of 19 May, the urgent advice to use public transport only for essential journeys will no longer apply. The new advice for all modes of transport is to travel at quiet times whenever possible. Avoid crowds on the road and at stations.

Access tests

Access tests will allow society to open up earlier in a responsible manner. Pilot projects are being conducted for this purpose. For example, events and sports matches are organised with an audience. Visitors have to show a negative test certificate at the entrance of a pilot. From 20 May onwards, new pilots will start, so that more test providers can be practised with. Where these pilots will take place will be published later on rijksoverheid.nl

Next steps in the opening plan

The third step in the opening plan is now planned for 9 June at the earliest. Then, for example, the home visit advice will be increased to four persons and the hospitality industry for eating out inside can be opened. On 1 June, we will hear whether this third step can be taken. Which other measures will be released, if the figures allow, can be seen in this overview of the opening plan."

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