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NL: secondary schools may re-open completely from 31 May

Secondary schools in the Netherlands may choose to fully open again from Monday, 31 May. Pupils will not have to maintain distance from each other, however they will have to conduct a self-test at home twice a week. From Monday 7 June onwards, all schools must be fully open.

The Outbreak Management Team feel that this is the most responsible way forward and this means that all students can go back to school at the same time. Pupils will still have to maintain distance from the teaching staff.

Minister Slob:

"Schools have done a fantastic job with all the distance education. And that for weeks on end, in addition to physical lessons. But nothing beats lessons at school. That is where pupils learn best. The fact that students still receive full physical education for at least six weeks this school year makes a big difference. Not only for their school performance, but also for their well-being."

Lessons at school

The fact that schools are allowed to reopen as of next week means that schools can still be open for at least six weeks until the summer holidays. In the southern parts of the Netherlands, where the summer holidays begin last, that is eight weeks. Schools are given until 7 June to fully open, so that there is time to organise everything, including the self-testing.


On 31 May, all secondary schools will receive sufficient self-test kits, so that teaching staff and pupils can test at home twice a week as a preventive measure. In this way, infections at school can be prevented. The self-tests are also used if an infection is reported (risk-oriented).


All other RIVM advice and guidelines for schools remain valid, like washing hands and using face masks in the hallways. Many older and vulnerable teachers have already been vaccinated. In the coming weeks, more and more school personnel will receive the call for a vaccination, which will increase the vaccination coverage (first shot) in the coming weeks.

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