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NRW: Slight relaxation of corona regulations for fully vaccinated and recovered people

Updated: May 4, 2021

The Land Nordrhein-Westfalen – NRW – has adapted the Corona-Schutzverordnung (Coronavirus Protection Ordinance). According to the changes, fully vaccinated and recovered people are put on an equal footing with those tested negative. This counts for cases where regulations are in place according to the Bundesnotbremse (federal emergency brake) and the Corona-Schutzverordnung that only allow access to facilities and services to tested persons. This new regulation is in force since 3 May.

Accordingly, proven immunisation through vaccination or recovery replaces the proof of a negative test result, for example, for the "click and meet" shopping in retail outlets, visits to the outdoor areas of zoos and botanical gardens or in the permitted close contact services. Equally, in such cases, the testing obligation in schools and the requirement to show a negative test result in order to stop quarantine after the entry to a country are dropped for vaccinated and recovered people.

Ministerpräsident Armin Laschet motivated this decision as follows:

"The restrictions were and are intended to avert danger. Vaccinated and recovered people do not pose a greater danger than people who have tested negative. That is why we are withdrawing restrictions on fundamental rights for this group of people."

Immunisation and thus exemption from compulsory testing can be proven by the following:

  1. Proof of a complete vaccination against COVID-19 with a vaccine authorised in the European Union, completed at least 14 days ago;

  2. Proof of a positive test result based on laboratory diagnostics using nucleic acid detection (PCR, PoC-PCR or other methods of nucleic acid amplification technology) and dating back at least 28 days and a maximum of six months; or

  3. Proof of a positive test result according to point 2 in combination with proof of administration of at least one vaccine dose against COVID-19, from at least 14 days ago, with a vaccine authorised in the European Union.

It is important to note that contact restrictions and the curfew do still apply for everyone.

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