• S. Loesser

NRW-wide warning day: on 11 March at 11:00 the sirens will sound in Aachen

The city will test its sirens on Thursday, 11 March, as part of the state-wide "Warntag” (Warning Day). At 11:00, the existing warning devices will be tested in Aachen as well as in all other Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) – Kommunen (municipalities). In addition, a test warning message is sent nationwide via the warning app NINA (Notfall-Informations- und Nachrichten-App des Bundes) (emergency information and messaging app of the federal government). At first, the “all-clear signal” is planned for 11:00, followed at 11:06 by the signal sequence "warning" and at 11:12 again by the signal sequence "all-clear".

The Warntag NRW celebrated its premiere in 2018. Last year, also a nationwide warning day was held for the first time. A network of operative sirens exists in Stadt Aachen. These are used exclusively to warn the population in case of an emergency. In the past, the system was also used to alert the volunteer fire brigades in the city area. However, this now runs exclusively via alternative "stille Alarmierungssysteme” (silent alerting systems) (so-called pagers).

On the Stadt Aachen website, under www.aachen.de/sirenensignale, more information on how to behave in an emergency as well as in general dangerous situations and on precautionary measures, can be found. Audio examples of the individual siren signals are also available there.

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