• S. Loesser

OecherLab: experiencing and shaping science and digitalisation

On 25 March, Stadt Aachen will open OecherLab, its purpose being finding answers to the urban challenges of a digital future together with Aacheners, innovation drivers, business and politics.

In a central city centre location, OecherLab makes science and digitalisation experienceable and shapeable for all Aacheners. The invitation is open to everyone to get to know, try out and develop further concepts and prototypes. Here, visions, goals and projects for tomorrow’s digital Aachen will be designed, tested and linked to a smart city strategy.

OecherLab will offer exhibitions and information as well as events and discussions on relevant topics of our time in the Kapuzinerkarree – an exhibition area 200 m². RWTH Aachen and FH Aachen University as well as various institutes and companies are involved. Oberbürgermeisterin Sibylle Keupen will soon start her consultation hours for residents there. Also the Fachbereich Bürger*innendialog und Verwaltungsleistung (department of citizens' dialogue and administrative management) will be represented with its own offer.

Photo: The OecherLab from the outside. The opening ceremony will take place digitally on 25 March at 18:00 and can be attended via this live stream. © Junghyun Shin 2021

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