Orchestre Philharmonique Royal de Liège - the show must go on… line!

Despite the global pandemic and the resulting restrictions, some in Province de Liège could simply not deprive their audience from entertainment, – thinking outside the box they are offering several online alternatives to the 'old normal' live experience.

The Orchestre Philharmonique Royal de Liège - OPRL gives a chance to music lovers to experience their work via their social media platforms.

On YouTube, through the channel OPRL Live!, the OPRL proposes publication of documentaries and full concerts every Thursday, 20:00.

Photo: Orff, Carmina Burana, OPRL, Christian Arming, Chœur Philharmonique Tchèque de Brno

On their Facebook page at the occasion of its 60th anniversary, the OPRL provides weekly publication of unique archives retracing the highlights and history of the Ochestra. The presence of the Philharmonique on music streaming platform Spotify ought to be noted too, as well as the many playlists composed to allow a diversified listening.

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