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Around 40 bourgeoning poets will compete at the North Rhine-Westphalian Poetry Slam Championships in #Aachen at the beginning of October this year. One of the organisers, Oscar Malinowski from Satznachvorn. Der westlichste Poetry Slam Deutschlands is already looking forward to the big event.

"The poetry slam is very well received by the students," he says. And so it is not surprising that it all started in Aachen in 1996, the first slammer making their appearance in the service area on the Lothringerstraße. And they can be funny, political or serious, but above all they should be entertaining.

Although the poetry movement originally came from Chicago, it has long since conquered the German regions. And North Rhine-Westphalia plays a big role in this. The Slam Poet Torsten Sträter, for example, has won the competition three times and is also a well-known cabaret player today.

The organisers are convinced that the competition will certainly be exciting and diverse again this year. The competition starts on Friday 11 October at 19:00 with four parallel preliminary rounds: In the rest area, in the ballroom of the old Kurhaus, in the music bunker and in the Capitol. During the course of the evening, twelve participants will qualify for finals in Eurogress Aachen the day after. An audience of around 1600 attendees is expected.

Oscar Malinowski expects the event to also revive the scene in Aachen. The poetry slam is already very popular at the university. "The Slam auditorium is always sold out, and at events in the rest area, people queued an hour before the start to get a seat," he says. In order to provide hearing-impaired lovers of poetry the possibility of participation, the preliminary round in the old Kurhaus will be accompanied by a sign-interpreter.

As always, the audience decides who wins the championship. At the beginning of the individual events, scoring boards are issued here and there to interested listeners, who then judge the contributions of the poets accordingly.

The four preliminaries will start on Friday 11 October at 19:00. The finale will start on Saturday 12 October at 19:00 in the #Eurogress. Tickets for the individual events can be found in the Kapuziner Karree Aachen and online at www.nrwslam.de/ticket Source: Aachener Zeitung

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