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Poets and prose artists hit the Eurogress stage in #Aachen on Saturday evening for the #NRWPoetrySlam2019. Expertly hosted by Eric Jansen and Oscar Malinowski, the sold-out event kicked both blank verse and ballad butt. Twelve finalists took on the massive feat of one-upping each other with wicked wordsmithery and top-notch timing. The audience was responsible for the judging of the performances, allocating marks out of ten for each epic composition. Brilliant beat-boxing and first-rate lyrical prose by August Klat and Aylin Celik accompanied the evening. Kolja Fach took the top spot among this perfectly proficient party of poets, his pace and unique style scoring more perfect tens than any other. The Borderlines: Euregion Poetry Slam is currently underway, events have already taken place in #Heerlen and #Eupen, the next round is in #Genkon 31 October, with the final in #LudwigForum in Aachen on 22 November. There are still spaces available, so get slamming.

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