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Preventive emergency ordinance enforcing avondklok in Sittard-Geleen (NL)

Today, Monday 25 January, burgemeester Hans Verheijen was informed of possible serious disorder in the gemeente Sittard-Geleen related to the avondklok in force.

Burgemeester Hans Verheijen: A number of measures have therefore been taken to prevent disruption of public order and safety, to limit danger and to maintain public order and safety. The measures have been taken in consultation with the local triangle (burgemeester, police and Openbaar Ministerie). In concrete terms, this involves an emergency ordinance and the designation of a safety risk area.

An emergency ordinance is in force throughout gemeente Sittard-Geleen as of 16:00. This is followed by a number of measures, giving the police more means of enforcement. The measures will apply until 1 February 2021.

Also, the entire territory of the municipality has been designated as a security risk area. This enables the public prosecutor to order preventive searches. This preventive search will be in force at least until 04:00 on Tuesday 26 January.

"Damaging other people's property does not help anyone at all. What's more, you push people and entrepreneurs even further down. Unacceptable,"

said burgemeester Hans Verheijen.

"During this period, the police will be very alert and will react appropriately to signs of disorder. The public camera surveillance in the gemeente will also be used as an aid if necessary. In this way, I want to protect all residents from possible riots and Covid-19. These are tough times, for everyone. I would like to make an appeal, above all, to work together to ensure that Corona no longer threatens us. Rioting helps no one at all".

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