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Preventive emergency ordinance to enforce avondklok in Stein (NL)

Gemeente Stein: Yesterday, Saturday 23 January, the curfew came into force, which was ignored by a large group of young people in Stein. In the evening, disturbances arose, after which, for safety reasons, the ME was eventually deployed to restore order.

Burgemeester Marion Leurs-Mordang stated today:

"As burgemeester, I am especially angry that this could happen. We live in a free country where everyone is allowed to voice their opinion. But this is not the way. This was not a demonstration, but deliberate riots started by a few troublemakers. This is also evident from the fact that those present did not want to talk to the police. This incident is a slap in the face for everyone who is trying so hard to master the virus."

In order to prevent a possible repetition, the mayor has decided to impose an emergency ordinance for the municipality of Stein preventively, effective immediately until 1 February.

"As burgemeester, I want to put maximum effort into prevention, because we absolutely do not want a repeat of events. That is why I am deploying the instruments at my disposal. Our residents deserve optimum protection, against the riots and against Covid-19, for which necessary measures such as the curfew have been established'.

An emergency regulation gives the police an extra tool to enforce it if necessary. Think of preventive searches. The emergency regulation can be viewed (in Dutch) here. The Gouverneur has let it be known that he sees no reason to suspend the operation of the emergency regulation.

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