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PXL Hasselt's new mascot: PandiX

Hogeschool PXL officially introduced 'PandiX the PXL Panda' today. General Director Ben Lambrechts had been thinking for some time about a PXL mascot with which the students and staff, as a university, could identify. Not an easy task. He is therefore pleased that the PXL community contributed, the majority decided.

A mascot generally brings luck or is used to form a group with a common public identity such as a school. Mascots are also used as fictional, representative spokespersons. Many college and university mascots started out as living animals, such as bulldogs and bears attending sporting events. Today, mascots are usually represented by animated characters, campus statues and costumed students attending sporting events, alumni meetings and other campus events.

After an appeal within the PXL community, a panda was preferred by the majority. Other proposals included a white tiger (with black stripes), a Limburgse hamster, a badger and even a multi-coloured mouse.

Photo: © PXL Hasselt 2020

For PXL Graphic Design student Gamze Gezer, it was immediately clear:

"A panda, what could be more heart-warming than a panda? Especially in these corona times. A panda has everything for me: warmth, cuteness, clumsiness, in short, everything that makes me happy!"

Pairi Daiza zoo is now world-famous on the panda front: with five giant pandas, three of which were born in Belgium, they are the place where the largest number of pandas in the world can be seen outside of China. They are part of a massive conservation project by the Chinese government to save their most iconic species. In the 30 years of the conservation programme, the number of pandas in the wild has increased from 1,200 to 1,800. To contribute to this, the Pairi Daiza Foundation is also conducting scientific research into the reproductive system of the giant panda.

"With the sponsorship of our pandas, we can make it easier for the panda to reproduce in the future. For me personally, as a Limburger, it is especially nice to see that a college from my own region is helping us in this important struggle. After all, you are not a Limburger for a short time, but for life. Pairi Daiza would like to thank Hogeschool PXL for their support."

says Tim Bouts, zoologist and chief veterinarian of Pairi Daiza.

Hogeschool PXL (PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts) is a young organisation. It is a centre of expertise for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. With 8,000 students over nine departments offering 19 bachelor programmes and three masters (arts MAD-faculty) across seven campus sites (Hasselt, Diepenbeek and Genk) in the heart of Europe, the Euregio Meuse-Rhine.

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