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Refuse collection vehicles unable to access some streets in Aachen due to snowfall

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

The Aachener Stadtbetrieb winter road clearance service of has been working at full speed since the early hours of the morning and has successfully ensured traffic safety in the city. However, due to the snowfall and the resulting slippery conditions, the heavy refuse collection vehicles of the municipal service were unable to access some streets and empty the waste bins there. In addition to cul-de-sacs and dead-end streets, this also affects private commercial properties that were not cleared or not cleared sufficiently.

The bins will be emptied again on Friday 15 January. In this case, any 'excess waste' may be disposed of in standard garbage bags. These bags can be placed at the roadside for collection on 15 January, this applies to both partial and full service.

Since the early morning, 300 employees of the municipal winter road clearance service have been ensuring that the roads in the city of Aachen are safe for traffic.

The mechanised winter service is currently clearing and gritting the roads in priority levels 2 and 3. The roads will be cleared until 22:00 this evening.

As early as 03:00, the winter road clearance service began its work with 35 vehicles, made inspection runs in the city area and started clearing snow from the roads in priority level 1. This includes 555 kilometres of main roads and thoroughfares as well as access roads to hospitals, schools and fire stations.

Dieter Bohn, Head of the city cleaning and winter services division of the Aachen municipal authority, is fully satisfied with the progress so far:

"We were very well prepared for the snowfall, and so far everything has also worked smoothly."

Find more detailed information (in German) on winter road maintenance and the individual levels of urgency on the Aachener Stadtbetrieb, The website also lists information on the winter road maintenance obligations for residents.

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