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#GIGA researchers from ULiège Faculté des Sciences have discovered a common denominator that triggers asthma in favorable environments. For the past few decades, there have been increasingly more cases of #asthma within the population especially in industrialised countries. According to scientists this increase has been caused by “pro-allergic” environments (excess of hygiene, exposure to ozone (an air pollutant) and viral pulmonary infections). Researchers from the #ULiège's GIGA institute have identified how all these pro-allergic environments, act on the pulmonary immune system in order to induce the development of allergic asthma. Tests led on laboratory mice showed a major intake in specific innate immune cells, neutrophils, in their lungs. The cells once in the lungs release their DNA provoking an inflammation conducive to allergic responses such as asthma. The researchers then observed that the mice treated with components preventing these neutrophils intaking, they were then protected from the development of these pulmonary afflictions. This discovery, based on a study published in periodic #NatureImmunology, would potentially mean new therapeutic options in regards to treatment and prevention against allergic asthma. For a more in-depth video about this research, click here


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