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Rijksoverheid: avondklok from 21:00 Saturday 23 January

From Saturday 23 January onwards, an avondklok (curfew) will apply throughout the Netherlands. The Tweede Kamer agreed to this on Thursday 21 January. This means that everyone has to stay indoors between 21:00 and 04:30. The avondklok aims to ensure that people visit or meet each other less often, which helps to slow down the spread of the coronavirus.

The Kabinet is very concerned about the spread of variants of the coronavirus that are even more contagious than the virus we already know. We must delay as much as possible the moment when these new variants of the virus gain the upper hand.

During the avondklok, it is forbidden to be outside between 21:00. and 04:30.

The curfew is in force until 04.30 am on 10 February.

Residents may only go outside if it is necessary and there is a valid reason. In that case they have to bring a form ‘Eigen verklaring Avondklok' with them. If it is necessary for residents to go out for work, they must also show a ‘Werkgeversverklaring'. In some specific cases a form is not necessary. Residents are not supposed to make their own forms. More information about valid reasons to be on the street during the avondklok can be found at Rijksoverheid.nl/avondklok (in Dutch).

All this information is only in Dutch at present, as soon as we have updated information, we will pass that on.

In the meantime, here are the rules for exceptions for the avondklok:

Residents only go outside between 21:00-4:30 when it is necessary. Residents may only do so for the following reasons:

  • In the event of an emergency.

  • If you, a person in need of help or an animal urgently needs (medical) assistance.

  • If your employer requires you to go outside for work.

  • If you travel abroad or to the Caribbean part of the Netherlands or return to the Netherlands.

  • If you are walking a dog (only on a leash), you are doing this on your own.

  • If you are travelling in connection with a funeral and can prove this.

  • If you are travelling in connection with a summons from a judge, public prosecutor or objections and appeals committee and can demonstrate this.

  • If you are travelling in connection with an exam or examination that you have to take for your course at MBO, HBO or WO (tertiary level) and you can prove this.

  • If you are travelling because you have been invited for a live evening programme and you can demonstrate this with an invitation from the broadcaster.

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