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Rijksoverheid: driving licence validity extended again for EU licences – while driving in NL

Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen is making a new goodwill arrangement so that driving licences that expire between 1 December 2020 and 1 March 2021 will remain valid until 1 March.

Residents with those driving licences remain insured and will not receive a fine if they are stopped until the period in which the goodwill arrangement applies. The same courtesy applies to all professional drivers whose Code 95 expires in the period between 1 December 2020 and 1 March 2021. The arrangement also applies to Europeans who are staying in the Netherlands with an expired driving licence from another Member State.

The temporary regulation only applies to driving within the Netherlands. A European regulation is in the making. When this comes into effect, the European scheme will replace this national compensation scheme. The expired driving licence is not valid as a means of identification, with the exception of situations involving care.

There is also an extra extension of the tolerance in the period of validity of, among others, theory exams for driving proficiency and the partial exams for obtaining a declaration of professional competence. Exams that expire between 1 October and 1 January 2021 will remain valid until 1 October 2021.

This also applies to the practical exams for driving proficiency in motorbikes that expired between 1 October 2020 and 1 January.

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