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Rijksoverheid: financial compensation for students extended

The temporary financial support scheme for students in MBO, HBO and WO tertiary education in the Netherlands is extended until August this year. Students whose studies are delayed by the Covid-19 regulations and who graduate between February 2021 and the end of August 2021 will receive a contribution towards their study costs. All students whose right to a basic grant and/or supplementary grant expires between October 2020 and the end of August 2021 will also receive a financial contribution. In addition, the deadline for registering for an MBO course has been extended by one month to 1 May.

With this extension, a maximum of € 135 million in financial compensation is expected to be made available to these students. This amount will be paid from the €200 million already reserved for the concessions.

Contribution to costs

At MBO schools, universities of applied sciences and universities, every effort is made to enable students to graduate on time despite the coronation measures, but due to the elimination of work placements and online education, this is not possible for everyone. Therefore, the temporary scheme for students in secondary vocational education (mbo), higher vocational education (hbo) and university education (wo) who have incurred a study delay and who receive a compensation for this, will be extended until 31 August 2021 (previously it was until the end of January 2021). Secondary education students who graduate before that date will receive a one-off payment of €150 and secondary education students €300.

Supplementary grant

Part of this extension is that students whose right to a basic grant (mbo-bol) and/or supplementary grant expires in the period between October 2020 and the end of August 2021, will also receive a one-off contribution (was previously until the end of September 2020). For MBO students with a basic grant, this means €800; if they also receive a supplementary grant, they will receive €2000. For students in higher education with a supplementary grant, the one-off support is € 1500. 

Registration date in MBO moved

Prospective students who want to start a vocational programme in MBO, must register before 1 May at the latest. The annual application date of 1 April is thus postponed by one month. A later date gives prospective students more time to orientate themselves and to make a good study choice now that this has to be done digitally. The application date of 1 May already applies to students in hbo and wo.

More information

For more information (in Dutch) on financial benefits for students, visit the DUO website.

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