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Rolduckerveld in the future: a new plan for Gemeente Kerkrade

In the coming years, Rolduckerveld will be prepared for the future. For example, 455 houses will be demolished and 379 new ones will be built in their place. These dwellings will meet all modern requirements, such as not having mains gas and being energy-neutral.

Voices from the neighbourhood that something needs to happen have been taken to heart by the Wonen Zuid and HEEMwonen housing corporations, Gemeente Kerkrade, Provincie Limburg and Stadsregio Parkstad Limburg. There have been issues such as insecurity, poverty and loneliness reported by residents who feel that the quality of life in the neighbourhood has declined sharply. Some of the housing is also outdated and because Kerkrade has fewer and fewer inhabitants, the area needs fewer homes (but good-quality homes). As a result, houses are for sale for longer and are also losing value. A thoroughly renovated Rolduckerveld must provide more space, greenery and residential enjoyment.

Tim Weijers, wethouder Ruimtelijke Ordening/Openbare Ruimte (Spatial Planning/Public Space) for Gemeente Kerkrade:

"We are also going to completely renew the public space and are making plans for this together with the residents. More importantly, we are starting actions to support local residents with things they might need help with. Together with local residents, we are working to improve the quality of life and safety in the neighbourhood",

Gemeente Kerkrade would like to provide an idea of what Rolduckerveld will look like in 2035 and have therefore had an animation made that gives an impression of the Rolduckerveld of the future. The animation and other drawings and information can be found on the project page.

Video: © Gemeente Kerkrade

A new zoning plan was needed to make the plans in Rolduckerveld possible. If everything goes according to plan, the council will finalise the zoning plan in the second or third quarter of 2021.

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