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Several arrests after riots and vandalism at various places in Limburg (NL)

Politie Eenheid Limburg: At the start of the second evening of the curfew, major unrest arose in various places in Limburg. Shortly after 21:00. groups of people gathered in the centres of Venlo, Roermond and Stein. Heavy fireworks were set off and stones were thrown. Rioters sought confrontation with the police. The Mobile Unit (ME) was deployed in various places to restore public order. The police received support from the Koninklijke Marechaussee. Several arrests were made.

In Roermond, a group targeted a shopping centre in the Donderberg. Shopping trolleys were thrown through the street and shops were vandalised. The Koninklijke Marechaussee was then deployed to support the police in Roermond and Stein.

The Mobile Unit carried out charges at various locations in the province of Limburg on Sunday evening. The atmosphere during this deployment was grim and people showed their dissatisfaction to the police officers.

Acting chief of police Inge Godthelp of Limburg expresses her disgust.

"It has not been a calling card for our society and it is not how we should be treated as police. We had to make an enormous effort throughout the country with the entire force. An effort that gives us food for thought for the days to come. We will continue to follow all developments closely and will do what the situation demands at that moment. And if that leads to making other choices, we will have to make those in consultation with the competent authority."

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