“Speaking visually” – Filmhub Zuid mission

A new film hub has gone live recently and it will pull the focus on image and film education: Filmhub Zuid is active in Limburg, Noord-Brabant and Zeeland.

The initiative, supported by Lumière Cinema (Maastricht), Natlab (Eindhoven) and Film by the Sea (Vlissingen), aims at becoming the new hub for film education in Brabant, Limburg and Zeeland. Together with the other regional film hubs, Filmhub Zuid is affiliated with the national Coordination point for film education in the Netherlands: the Landelijk Netwerk Filmeducatie.

Introductievideo Filmhub Zuid © Filmhub Zuid 2020

The purpose of this hub will be to bring pupils in the region into contact with film and image education. An ambitious goal, for which Filmhub Zuid intensively cooperates with primary and secondary education, several cultural institutions and many film education providers.

With the popularisation of social media platforms and the establishment of other means to access media consumption and production (YouTube, vine…etc) children and young people are not only exposed to audio and video but create them themselves as well; photos and videos, vlogs, Instastories or TikToks. They all have become popular tools to express oneself and communicate with others. However this method of communicating needs to be looked at comprehensively and pupils need to learn the language of images in order to comprehend them better.

Filmhub Zuid aims at teaching children how 'to speak visually', so they can communicate safely, efficiently and sensitively. The hub works in close cooperation with the education sector to identify demand in the field of film education and focusses on training and advising (prospective) teachers in the field of film education.

For more information on Filmhub Zuid: http://www.filmhubzuid.com/

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