• S. Loesser

StädteRegion Aachen: residents older than 80 years old invited for vaccination

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

As announced by StädteRegion Aachen in an official press release from 15 January 2021, around 34,000 people older than 80 years old, living in StädteRegion Aachen will receive their invitation to vaccination until the end of this week (23 January).

The current Coronavirus-Impfverordnung (coronavirus vaccination regulation) stipulates that on the official commissioning of the vaccination centres, for the time being only people who have reached the age of 80 will be vaccinated. From 25 January 2021, it will be possible for these people to make appointments for the vaccination at the vaccination centres both online (www.116117.de) and by telephone. Bookings via the telephone can be made via the telephone number (+49)800/116 117-01. The provision of this number is intended to clear the number for the medical emergency service (116 117) of a charge.

Retirement and nursing homes’ residents have most widely received their first vaccination. Here, the second vaccination will take place before long. At the same time, vaccinations in the hospitals are starting. Presumably, in about two months, the vaccination of people in Stufe 2 (stage 2) can begin. This includes, for example, people who are older than 70 years, who have a very high risk of a severe or fatal disease process after an infection with the coronavirus. In Stufe 2, also people who work in medical facilities and have a high or increased risk of infection with the coronavirus will be vaccinated. As only limited quantities of vaccine are available, especially at the beginning of the campaign, not all people can be vaccinated immediately.

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