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StädteRegion Aachen vaccination update

Vaccinations with the AstraZeneca vaccine for people younger than 60 years of age have been stopped. Existing waiting lists with risk patients will be processed after Easter.

Vaccinations with AstraZeneca

Nordrhein-Westfalen – NRW announced on Tuesday afternoon, 30 March 2021 that vaccinations with AstraZeneca's vaccine are to be suspended with immediate effect. The motivation for this is a draft decision by the Ständige Impfkommission (standing vaccination committee) – STIKO, at the Robert-Koch-Institut. STIKO only recommends unrestricted use of the AstraZeneca vaccine for people of over 60 years of age. According to the draft, application below this age limit remains possible, but only at a doctor's discretion and with individual risk assessment after careful deliberation.

Against this draft decision’s backdrop, the Ministerium für Arbeit, Gesundheit und Soziales des Landes NRW (NRW ministry of labour, health and social affairs) – MAGS, has ordered an immediate stop to the vaccination of men and women under 60 years of age with AstraZeneca vaccine. The vaccination of this group of people with AstraZeneca may only be resumed when MAGS gives approval.

At the StädteRegion Aachen vaccination centre, this means that all people who still have a vaccination appointment this week (up to and including Easter Sunday, 4 April) will keep it. All people who should receive AstraZeneca (i.e. also those few who are older than 60 years of age) will be offered the Biontech/Pfizer vaccine as an alternative.

This is possible since this week almost exclusively elderly people and people in the risk groups were supposed to be vaccinated, a group who would have received the Biontech vaccine anyway.

The Gesundheitsdezernent der StädteRegion Aachen (Head of the health departmentStädteRegion Aachen ), Dr. Michael Ziemons stated in a press release fro Tuesday 30 March:

"Fortunately, in this extraordinary situation, we can also use Biontech for the vaccination of the approximately 150 people in the occupational groups for which AstraZeneca had originally been planned. NRW has announced that it will provide additional Biontech doses for this purpose. No one has to go home without a vaccination now."

Since the STIKO recommends the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine for people of over 60 years of age, those within the respective age span can make appointments for a vaccination from today, Easter Saturday, 3 April. This concerns a group of around 3.8 million people in NRW aged between 60 and 79. People aged 80 and older have already received a vaccination offer. A total of 450,000 appointments are available for this group of people throughout the Land.

The StädteRegion Aachen vaccination centre receives 11,500 of those vaccination doses made available from the Land. These can be vaccinated from Monday, 5 April. In order to carry out the additional vaccinations, the vaccination centre’s opening hours will be extended from Easter Monday. It will then be open daily from 7:30 to 22:30.

Appointments can be booked at the Kassenärztlichen Vereinigung – KV – (association of statutory health insurance physicians) online at www.116117.de as well as by telephone via the central number 116 117 or the additional number 0800-116 117 01 for the Rheinland (Rhineland).

Direct registration via the vaccination centre itself is not possible!

Vaccination of risk patients

Last week Friday (26 March), the Land NRW provided the StädteRegion with 4,000 additional doses of the Biontech/Pfizer vaccine. Since Monday, in the StädteRegion Aachen these have primarily been made available to risk patients.

Those who could no longer book an online appointment can now be put on a waiting list by sending an email to kgs-impfbitten@staedteregion-aachen.de including their medical certificate according to § 3 para 1, no. 2 Impfverordnung (vaccination ordinance) (please no medical certificate with a specific diagnosis).

After Easter, this waiting list will be processed. In order to speed up the process of contacting and making an appointment, next to their medical certificate, the patients are asked to provide their telephone number.

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