• M. Lormeau

Still Standing: Liège moves to support culture

Another call to action has been sent out in Belgium by the collective Still Standing for Culture. For the collective, the message is clear: the show must go on! Cinemas, dance schools, cafés and many people in le Province de Liège will take part in the upcoming nationwide campaign on Saturday 20 February.

Still Standing is a national movement uniting cultural workers, cultural venues and artistic federations that has arisen during the Covid-19 crisis. After actions last June and January, the collective is therefore calling for a multitude of actions across the country on Saturday 20 February, World's Social Justice Day.

On that day, the collective invites everyone to "make culture" and to demand an approach to the epidemic that is concerned about social, psychosocial and economic risks, rights and freedoms. The public is invited, in strict compliance with the health regulations in force, to assist, participate and support the different parts of the campaign.

Image: © Standing Still For Culture Logo 2020

The cité Ardente will feature dozens of differents movements, performances and other exhibits and shows to celebrate culture and prove that despite current restrictions, it is still going strong.

Many other activities, performances and workshops are planned throughout le Province de Liège and can be found (in French and Dutch) on Still Standing's agenda.

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