• M. Lormeau

Stolen helmets: surveillance increased for the Mémorial Interallié in Cointe

In the third weekend of January the Greek monument on the site of Mémorial Interalliéthe in Cointe was the victim of yet another robbery. It has been a theft in several stages. In April 2020 ten helmets disappeared – this time however it was 114 helmets that were stolen over a period of two days.

The Régie des bâtiments la Ville de Liège, le consul honoraire de Grèce (honorary Consul of Greece), le comité de quartier de Cointe (Cointe neighbourhood committee) and the president of non-profit organisation Mémorial Interallié, held talks last Thursday to find short and medium-term solutions to secure the site. The looted monument was protected by a steel frame, some bars of which were cut and the padlock sawn off by the thieves.

Photo: Mémorial Interallié site © Régie des bâtiments

The meeting's participants decided that the Régie des bâtiments would install cameras on the site in February: the cameras will be directly connected to the local Liège police surveillance network. In addition, a working group made up of the Régie des bâtiments and various departments of Ville de Liège will be responsible for taking additional security measures and improving the maintenance of the site.

On 25 March, a ceremony marking the 200th anniversary of the beginning of the Greek War of Independence will be held on the site of the Mémorial Interallié. A working group, composed of Roland Léonard, échevin des Travaux de la ville de Liège and the consul honoraire de Grèce, Robert Laffineur will focus on the restoration of the monument.

An investigation is underway in order to find the perpetrators of the theft. On Wednesday 25 January, the Liège police and the public prosecutor's office launched an appeal for witnesses inviting anyone who saw a suspicious individual or vehicle between 15 and 18 January to come forward.

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