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Storm Darcy set to create havoc across the Euregio Meuse-Rhine

All three countries in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine have issued weather warnings due to Storm Darcy, named by the Dutch weather institute KNMI. The KNMI have issued a Code Rood weather warning for sleet and ice for the first time since February 2012.

België / Belgique – Provincie Limburg and Province de Liège

Koninklijk Meteorologisch Instituut van België / l'Institut Royal Météorologique de Belgique: Tonight, we expect more intense precipitation over most of the country with precipitation amounts (for the whole night) mostly between 10 and 20 l/m². Initially, it will rain everywhere. During the night, the rain will gradually turn to freezing rain and then to snow in Vlaanderen, with a snow layer of between 1 and 5 cm by the morning. South of Sambre and Meuse, the precipitation will remain in the form of rain. In the centre, which is in the transition zone, precipitation may become freezing during the second part of the night. Temperatures continue to drop and by the end of the night will be around -1 or -2 degrees in Vlaanderen, around freezing in the centre and between 0 and +6 degrees in the south of the country. The wind blows moderate to quite strong and on the coast quite strong to strong from the northeast. At the end of the night the wind will become variable in the southeast (during the passage of the low pressure area).

Image: © KMI België 2021

Deutschland – StädteRegion Aachen

Deutscher Wetterdienst: From Saturday evening on, long-lasting and partly heavy precipitation will move in from the south. This will increasingly change from snowfall to freezing rain. By Sunday noon, towards the east until Sunday evening, widespread black ice on roads and paths must be expected. There may be considerable obstructions to road and rail traffic. There is also a risk of ice breakage. Damage to vegetation and infrastructure cannot be ruled out. This is an updated advance information to provide early warning of the risk of a severe weather event. Uncertainties remain regarding the affected regions.

Image: © Deutscher Wetterdienst 2021


Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut: On Sunday, a code red (weather alert) will be in force for the entire country for snow in combination with strong winds and light to moderate frost.

Tonight it will start snowing in the south, in the southeast it is also possible that there will be black ice. Overnight and on Sunday, the snow will spread northwards over the rest of the country.

Due to the strong easterly winds, there will be snowdrifts which are dangerous for traffic. Moreover, visibility in the snow is poor, possibly less than 500 metres.

The total amount of snow will be about 10 centimetres in many places, and locally 15 centimetres in the (south) east. In the north of the country and in Zuid-Limburg there will be 2-5cm. Most of the wind will be in the northern half of the country. In the northern coastal areas and above the IJsselmeer there will be heavy wind gusts of 75-90 km/h.

Prolonged snowfall in combination with wind force 5-6 from easterly directions and temperatures well below freezing point will cause snowdrifts and the formation of snowdrifts. About 10 cm will fall, in the (south) east locally 15 cm. In the south, there is also a slight chance of sleet.

Slipperiness poses a great risk of disruption and injury. High risk for road users. Chance of widespread disruption to public transport. Do not travel if it is not strictly necessary. Follow weather reports and warnings.

Image: © KNMI 2021

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