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Studio Europa Maastricht contest winner’s idea is a step closer to becoming a reality.

Young people across the Euregio Meuse-Rhine (EMR) might soon be able to come together at the European Youth Event.

The group that won December’s idea contest came together this month to discuss the possibility of EU funding. “We weren’t sure in the beginning, but we’re going for it now” says Cas Cratsborn who took the lead during the contest.

The competition was organised by Studio Europa Maastricht. An initiative of the Working on Europe programme, Provincie Limburg (NL), Gemeente Maastricht and Maastricht University. The goal of the contest was to let average citizens find a way to tackle a Euregional problem.

“Especially young people in the Netherlands seem to think the ‘land of opportunity’ is in the Randstad, not realising it could be just across the border as well”, says Cas. “And that’s understandable. It’s difficult to get connections in Belgium or Germany as a young person”. This is the reason the group came up with the European Youth Event.

It’s something similar to what the group has done before. Together with other liberal political youth organisations in the EMR they want to come up with cross-border

policies. “This time, though, it needs to be different”, Cas thinks. “The event shouldn’t be something political. It should attract young people from every level of education and with all kinds of interests”.

The goal of the event is to build the foundations of a network between people across the EMR, a moment where ideas and information can be exchanged. A kind of stepping-stone to facilitate more cross-border events and projects. “You’re not going to start a project covering the EMR if you don’t know the right people in that area”, says Cas.

The group is now trying to secure funding for their event through the Erasmus+ programme. Getting funding is never an easy task however the group is confident they will realise their idea to bring the youth across the EMR closer together.

Photo courtesy of Studio Europa Maastricht.

L to R: Alderman Vivianne Heijnen, Cas Cratsborn, Milan Mevis

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