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On Thursday 12 September skeyes (Belgian air navigation and traffic service provider for civil airspace) and the Direction Générale du Transport Aérien – DGTA (General Direction of Aerial Transportation), presented the new version of the Droneguide app. With the increase in drones in the Belgian skies, legislations and regulations are not always well known by consumers.

If the drone weighs under 1kg, ten vertical metres above private land is legal and free airspace, different ranges require remote pilot licenses. Applications for such licenses, involve instruction courses and exams which can cost from 600-3000 euros. However those licences does not allow the user to use their drones wherever they wish to. Many areas are under controlled and forbidden to be flown in.

In Liège, two sites in particular are prohibited areas to fly over: the Tihange nuclear power plant and Liege Airport at #Bierset. Many other areas of Province de Liège can be sensitive and will not allow drone flights without prior consent.

The #DroneGuide app and website gathers all the information needed by users who wish to fly drone safely. Also launched on Thursday was Droneguide Pro, for professional users. Exceptions and specific demands can now be sent directly via the application, sparing administrative hassles to many audiovisual technicians. The DGTA will also get notified of the flight in real time. This whole system will certainly facilitates the supervision and better integration of drones in the general aerial traffic. Source: RTC Liège

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