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While some sources report that the traditional smart phone market may be currently stagnant, #Aachen-based mobile phone tech company Cyrus Technology GmbH is tapping into a niche market with its washable, robust mobiles. Depending on the model, these thicker and heavier phones are more durable, and can even be dropped from 1.2m-2m height: ideal not just for military, but also for athletes, manual labourers and parents with small children. “On the one hand, we are indeed dealing with a niche market that is uninteresting for larger tech companies” says Roonak Emami, Cyrus CEO and founder. “On the other hand, however, that niche market is big enough that we have the possibilities and potential to grow,” she affirms. The company notes they are looking to reach out within the B2B industry, honing in on their network with auto manufacturers, haulage companies, the Deutsche Bahn and the police. Source: Aachener Zeitung Photo: Cyrus Technology GmbH

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