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As reported by #PolitieLimburg A total of ten people were injured in a collision on Rijksweg in Margraten this morning. A local bus hit a passenger car with five passengers inside. The injured were swiftly responded to through the close cooperation of the Dutch and German emergency services. The Heuvelland police are investigating the causes of the traffic accident.

At approximately 11:05 the emergency services were notified of a serious collision between a local bus with a car on the N278 motorway near Margraten. The two adults who were in the front of the car were seriously injured in the collision. They were transferred by the emergency services to hospital.

Three children who were seated in the back seat of the car were also taken to the hospital for a medical check-up. Fourteen people were seated in the scheduled bus at the time of the collision. Five of them were taken to the hospital with a minor injury. The other bus travelers were taken care of after the traffic accident.

National highway closed

The Rijksweg (N278) in Margraten was closed to traffic until mid-afternoon. First for the emergency assistance where a Dutch and a German trauma helicopter carrying medical specialists landed. Subsequently in connection with the (technical) investigation into the circumstances of the collision.

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