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The first ever Women Researchers’ Festival Maastricht took place on 8 March 2021

Updated: May 17, 2021

A feature article by Dr. Anna Schueth, a post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Cognitive Neuroscience (FPN) and one of the Women Researchers' Festival organisers, and Dr. Linda Rieswijk, postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Data Science and Pint of Science coordinator for Maastricht.

Exactly one year ago Dr. Anna Schueth had a discussion with Female Empowerment Maastricht (FEM) board member Dr. Aurélie Carlier from the Maastricht University Institute for Technology-Inspired Regenerative Medicine (MERLN) about her idea and vision of bringing women more together and fostering interdisciplinary work. This had been the topic of many discussions she had with her colleague and friend, Dr. Amrapali Zaveri who up until her death in February 2020 worked at the Maastricht University Institute of Data Science (IDS). Dr. Carlier immediately liked this idea and thought of creating an event with poster sessions, where all women would present their work. Shortly after this conversation the corona pandemic started and the first lockdown happened. Therefore, the event had to be done virtually and it was discussed very early that the best possible date for this would be International Women's Day 2021.

Screenshot: © Women Researchers' Festival 2021

The organisation of this event began and was done in a team existing of Dr. Christina Peristeridou (Criminal Law and Criminology, UM) from the FEM board, Dr. Anna Schueth (Department of Cognitive Neuroscience, UM) and the Pint of Science Netherlands, Dr. Linda Rieswijk (IDS) and Taichi Ochi (Pharmacogenomics, University of Groningen).

Enthusiastically the team discussed and planned the big day and selected 16 amazing women from various faculties and disciplines from UM and the Maastricht University Medical Centre (MUMC+) to present their research.

The 16 women presented their fantastic research work ranging from neuroscience, medical research, to mathematics, data science, physics and chemistry to social sciences and law. The names and titles of their presentations are listed below.

Table: © Women Researchers' Festival 2021

The event was highly appreciated by the participating female researchers. Some quotes from Twitter:

“Great talks from very inspiring women at Maastricht University! Thanks everyone for presenting and interacting during our Women Researcher's Festival! Happy to have organized this event together with Anna Schueth, Christina Peristeridou from FEM Maastricht and Taichi Ochi from Pint of Science Netherlands.”

Dr. Linda Rieswijk (Postdoc Institute of Data Science and Team Pint of Science NL)

“Thank you FEM Maastricht for creating and facilitating this space for women at Maastricht University to share their research, with so much joy and enthusiasm.”

Dr. Anna Harris (Associate Professor Social Studies of Medicine)

“Grateful to be part of such an amazing initiative and be able to share my research topic. Thank you FEM Maastricht! Happy International women's day!”

Andreea Grigoriu (PhD student Law & Tech Lab)

“What a great initiative so celebrate International Women's Day!”

Dr. Therese Grohnert (Assistant Professor Professional Learning and Decision-Making)

If you would like to be kept up to date about the activities organised by either FEM or Pint of Science Netherlands please check out their social media channels:

Female Empowerment Maastricht:

Pint of Science:

The sessions can be watched on the Pint of Science Netherlands YouTube channel:

Session 1 and Session 2.

Screenshot: © Women Researchers' Festival 2021

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