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Three commercial Covid-19 testing sites in Zuid-Limburg (NL)

The collaboration at the beginning of October which saw a number of entrepreneurs and medical practicioners open a commercial rapid test site in #Sittard has gone through quite a development. Last month, Covidtest Limburg opened a second location in the #Parkstad region at de Koumen industrial area, and just before Christmas a location on Fregatweg in #Maastricht was added.

There appears to be a great need for both private individuals and entrepreneurs/institutions to be able to get tested quickly and to receive results as fast as possible.

Covidtest Limburg also has a mobile team available that can quickly take action upon request to test on-location or on the workfloor. Entrepreneurs or drivers who want to prevent an outbreak can therefore opt for this form of rapid testing. This saves valuable time, may provide a financial advantage, and could enable businesses to maintain continuity.

Private individuals can also contact Covidtest Limburg for PCR testing or travel documentation. All the Covidtest Limburg services are carried out by skilled employees and qualified healthcare professionals. More info: www.covidtestlimburg.nl

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