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Traineeship – IVN Natuureducatie

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

After a successful first two years, IVN Natuureducatie will launch 15 new projects at the end of February 2021.

A great success

In the past two years, hundreds of trainees aged between 16 and 27 have dedicated themselves to nature and sustainability in the Netherlands. For example, they have helped rare animal species, devised a convincing campaign to reduce the use of plastic, planted and managed a Tiny Forest, or been part of a climate campaign with other young people. They did this in cooperation with ten large green partner organisations (IVN Natuureducatie, VBNE, LandschappenNL, Milieudefensie, SoortenNL, Natuurmonumenten, GDO, The Rock Group, FAWAKA Nederland and NIVON / NIVON JONG).

Join us in 2021

Would you like to dedicate yourself to nature in 2021? Sign up now for one of the projects. Together with a group of young people, you will spend one or more days a week for a few months working on a project for one of the nature or environmental organisations. In addition, during the Groen Traineeship you will be given the opportunity to develop yourself, build up a network and contribute to a better world. You are hands-on and always end up with concrete results. In this way, you will be making a unique contribution to a better environment and a more beautiful countryside. After completing the Groen Traineeship, you will receive a certificate and a letter of recommendation. Remember it is a two-way interaction; the organisations can in turn learn from your fresh look.

Do you want to know more about how to qualify? Or do you want to know more about what a Green Traineeship entails? Then read the following FAQ's.

What do you do at the Groen Traineeship?

Would you like to saw trees, devise a convincing campaign to reduce the use of plastic or, as part of a festival team, allow other young people to experience how fun, interesting and important nature and the environment are?

With the Green Traineeship, you will have the best year of your life and you will be helping the Netherlands in a unique way towards a more sustainable future.

For which young people is the project suitable (age, education, specific target group)?

All young people aged 16-27 who want to do something with nature, landscape and/or environment. No education or (work) experience is needed. We strive for a mixed group in all respects.

What does a day/traineeship look like?

During the Groen Traineeship, you will always work in a group of 10 trainees on a project at one of the green organisations. You will be supervised by someone from the organisation as you, for example, refurbish a heathland, organise a climate event, carry out research on the rivers of the Netherlands or take a group of children outside. The projects are very varied, you are hands-on and always end with a concrete result. In this way, you will be making a unique contribution to a better environment and more beautiful nature.

The traineeship breaks down into three blocks every year: two of up to five months each and a summer block of up to two months. The blocks run from the beginning of September to the beginning of February, from the beginning of February to the end of June and a summer block in July and August. As a trainee, you can participate in 1 or more blocks. On average, you will spend one day a week on a block.

On the online platform you can check which projects are available in the coming block and register [in Dutch]. This gives you the opportunity to choose something you find interesting and that fits your schedule.

The official start of a new block is on a national day. There you will get to know your group mates, the organisation and the project. When the project has started, you will receive the necessary training/workshops to be able to finish the project successfully and you can start working together. There is professional guidance but we also expect all trainees to have an active attitude themselves.

At the end of the project, you will finish on the national day and show the other trainees how you made a difference.

A mentor will look over your shoulder to make sure you get the most out of your traineeship. Besides that, on the national days you can give your uncensored opinion together with other young people and help each other out.

Time investment and reward

The time investment is for at least 1 block (5 or 2 months) of working approximately 1 day a week at a place where you experience that you can make a difference in the world by taking care of Dutch nature and getting everybody in touch with it. The exact distribution of the workload (how long and how many days a week) varies per project.

In addition, you will receive:

  • a certificate of participation;

  • a volunteer's fee;

  • a greener touch to your CV;

  • You will learn all kinds of things that you would not easily learn at school;

  • get to know other young people who think nature is just as fun and important as you do.

If you want to find out more information, please contact info@groentraineeship.nl

Prefer to call or message? Then contact Ilja on +31 (0)619 945 391.

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