A model of #Liège’s new tram was inaugurated at the Le TEC #Robermont depot last Wednesday and will soon be open to the public to give future commuters an idea of the new transportation outlook in the city. From 5 October the model will be placed in l’Espace Tivoli for a public exhibition, over two weeks residents will be able to see the model and be invited on board.

The model, made of metal and wood, weighing approx 14.5 tonnes, is composed of three carriages and is 18.5 metres long. The carriages are slightly smaller than those that will travel across the city, the definitive version of the average tram line will be composed of seven cars and will be as long as 45m.

At the end of the two week exhibition on Tivoli square, the model will join the items on show at Musée des Transports en Commun de Walloniewhere it will remain accessible to the public.

Click here for more photos of the interior and exterior of the model tram.

Source: RTC Liège

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