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If you are at least 14 years old and own a smartphone, then discovering the city of #Aachen has just become one step easier. Three hundred #escooters located in 60 different sites throughout the city are now available to the public. City mayor Marcel Philipp, head of the urban specialist fields in economy, science and Europe Dieter Begaß as well as project leader Christian Thommes inaugurated the salmon-coloured e-scooters this Friday. The Swedish-based company VOI Scooters provides an easy-to-use rental app where users can not only locate the closest vehicles to them but also rent e-scooters via QR-code for 15 cents per minute. With a full battery, the e-scooters can reach up to 20km/h over a distance of 30 to 35 kilometres. Watch out though: the e-scooters are not welcome just anywhere. The app also indicate places where you are not allowed park the vehicles, such as pedestrian zones. If indeed left there, the app automatically continues to count the minutes, resulting in a higher bill. There are surely some user issues to still sort out, but Mayor Philipp is confident that the e-scooters will establish themselves as an integral part of Aachen’s tourist and transportation scene. Source: Aachener Zeitung Photo: Heike Lachmann

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