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In March, 8,000 signatures were needed to bring the initiative "Radentscheid Aachen" (Safe Cycling) to #Aachen’s city council. The project aimed to facilitate new cycling paths along main and side roads within the city. On Wednesday, this dream became true, as the majority of the Aachen city council members voted in favor for the bill.

Lord Mayor Marcel Philipp stressed in the Council meeting: "We need more security and more space for cycling in Aachen." He pointed out that transport, urban and environmental planning must always consider competing goals. As examples he mentioned the topics of tree protection, pedestrian safety and the needs of other road users, delivery traffic and public transport by bus and rail.

For the next eight years, the cycling path-securing measures will be formally adopted into Aachen's street mobility policies. By the summer of 2020, 1,000 more bicycle racks are to appear in the street.

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