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Two new crèches in Liège at Sainte-Walburge and Sainte-Marguerite

The increase in the number of places on offer in terms of childcare facilities meets one objective of Liège's municipal policy statement, which provides for 150 additional places.

The opening of two new crèches, with 84 beds, in the districts of Ste-Walburge and Ste-Marguerite meets a real public expectation. Enabling parents to entrust their child(ren) to a fulfilling environment where the little ones find a development space complementary to that of the home is essential to encourage families to return to the city.

At present, Ville de Liège has 814 beds in 26 childcare centres throughout the city. Four of these reception areas are reserved for emergencies.

An additional 42-bed crèche is also to be set up as part of the Bavière development project.

To this end, the Ville de Liège has supported the establishment of two new municipal crèches in densely populated neighbourhoods, which will soon open their doors.

The crèche Sainte-Walburge (Place Sainte-Walburge 3) will be organised into three services ("bébés", "moyens" and "grands") with 14 places each, for a total of 42 beds. The first intakes within each service will begin as soon as the structure opens on Monday 29 March 2021 and will be spread over 10 days. The reception itself will begin on Monday 12 April 2021. To date, reception contracts have already been signed with around thirty families.

At the corner of the square and rue Sainte-Walburge, this low-energy building, spread over three storeys, will have a protected, welcoming and safe interior garden for the little ones. In addition, the Sainte-Walburge crèche will meet a real need in a neighbourhood not yet served.

Photo: © Ville de Liège

The Hocheporte crèche (rue Agimont 28) is part of a new urban development project in the neighbourhood. It will also be organised in three services with 14 places (42 beds in total). The first intakes will take place on Wednesday 31 March and the actual reception will start on Wednesday 14 April.

A noteworthy feature of this infrastructure is the pilot project for the use of nappies.

Monsieur Pierre Stassart the l'Echevin for Petite Enfance states:

"Concerned to offer a quality service which respects the choice of parents, the Petite Enfance services have taken the necessary steps to enable families who request it from the moment they register to benefit from support in their choice to give up single-use nappies."

This pilot project, which is part of the "Zéro déchet" process led by Ville de Liège, is the result of collaboration between the municipal departments of Petite Enfance, the l'Environnement and the l'ONE.

Part of the places available in the Hocheporte crèche will thus be reserved for families who have made this choice.

As a reminder, registrations for crèche places are centralised via +32 (0)42 385 300 (Monday-Friday 08:30-12:30) or by email: creche.inscription@liege.be

Photo: © Ville de Liège

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