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Urban planning

The relationship between the city of #Aachen and its student residents has seen better days. The amount of prospective RWTH Aachen University students bustling into the city continues to rise, but the few student housings built in Aachen are mostly reduced to “micro-apartments”, with max. 26m2 providing just enough space to eat, study and sleep. The last student housing building offering 344 rooms was built two years ago; however, no future student housing complexes are planned to be constructed. While their names remain stagnant on long housing waiting lists, students are becoming more publicly vocal about their criticism as private real estate investors’ rent remands force students to dig deeper into their pockets. More and more students are confronted with a crossroads questions: is it financially even worth studying in Aachen?

Source: Aachener Zeitung Photo: ZVA/Harald Krömer

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