• S. Loesser

Vaccinations in Aachen go to the next phase

In Aachen, the vaccination of over 80-year-olds started on Monday. Later this week, the vaccination of nursing and rescue service staff will also be initiated.

On Monday 8 February, the StädteRegion Aachen vaccination centre in Hubert-Wienen-Straße 8 [known under the name “100,5 Arena” and usually used as an indoor ice rink or an event venue], opened its doors. At first, only people older than 80 years who have a confirmed appointment at the vaccination centre are entitled to a vaccination.

From Wednesday (10 February), corona vaccinations for people working for mobile nursing services, day-care centres for the elderly or rescue services will begin. In the first instance, the people working in these fields will be registered at the vaccination centre by their employers. For this purpose, the mobile nursing services and day-care centres have received an information letter from the StädteRegion Aachen vaccination centre. After the respective employer has sent the collection list with their employee's details to the vaccination centre, everyone eligible for the vaccinations can make an appointment themselves. After the eligibility for vaccination has been checked, one receives a confirmation for the appointment by mail.

It is important to note, that vaccinations without an appointment cannot be conducted.

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