Corporate responsibility and sustainability

Corporate responsibility and sustainability (CR&S) is inherent in every aspect of Meuse-Rhine Gazette’s operations. We strive to go beyond our statutory obligations to be good citizens, care for our stakeholders and minimise our impact on the environment.

Meuse-Rhine Gazette is committed to promoting sustainability in all areas of our business by:

  • undertaking business risk assessments, reacting to updated information, adapting where necessary and minimising the environmental impact of all aspects of our business operations;

  • measuring our energy use and carbon dioxide emissions, and identifying and implementing savings wherever reasonably practicable;

  • recycling office and project waste materials where practicable and cost-effective;

  • minimising business-related travel and promoting the use of public transport and shared travel/commuting wherever practicable and cost-effective;

  • maintaining and promoting the bicycle share schemes for all our employees and supporting local initiatives to improve bicycle access routes to our offices;

  • communicating the requirements and needs of our environmental management system and CR&S policy to all, including our suppliers, and consulting with and involving our freelancers and employees;

  • rendering ourselves accountable to all our stakeholders and documenting our most important environmental, social and economic impacts;

  • supporting the communities in which we operate through charitable donations and environmental education. Our community engagement and donation policy focusses on the communities around our offices and national or international programmes as elected by our staff;

  • using local suppliers (within the Euregio Meuse-Rhine) for site operations wherever feasible.